Thanks to his Involvement with FC Kenya

The events of that day which saw Qatar become the first country from the Arab world to host a football World Cup sparked the start of super idea from a Kenyan who had travelled to the Gulf nation in search of employment.

John Ngurugwe founded FC Kenya which not only boasts a huge fan base, but with founder member status of Qatar’s leading amateur football league.

FC Kenya’s humble origins can be traced back to Friday’s kick-about at the park, where many Kenyans in the city gathered, simply to catch up with friends and enjoy their day off.

Close to a decade later, the team has grown by leaps and bounds with over 30 players training every week, thanks to one man – Ngurugwe.

Now the team’s goalkeeper who had only been in xem bong da truc tuyen Qatar for three years prior to the decision, and his dream is to one day see FC Kenya compete in the professional ranks of Qatari football.

‘Something Bigger’

“What I want is for this football team to carry on and grow into something even bigger, you never know, one day it might be part of the Qatar Stars League,” he said.

Thanks to his involvement with FC Kenya, he is now a well-known member of the Kenyan community in Qatar, and is now using his status using football as the unifying power.

FC Kenya now has 60 players on its database, with a core squad of 30 training every week at the London Global University (UCL) Park Qatar; facilities which Ngurugwe organizes through his employers.

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