Popular trends and searches on Google: What are they and how to discover them?

Have you heard of Google Trends? Surely yes! But in addition to it, there are other interesting tools to know the trends and popular searches on Google, key to enhance the SEO of your website and have an advantage over your competition on the Internet.

Yes it’s a trend in Google, it’s a worldwide trend! And that means that you have to pay attention, when preparing the contents of your Web page, it is key to attract visits to your Web page and, well we know that, the more visits to your Web and online store, the more likely to sale , right?

Much could be said about how to apply a correct SEO and position a Web, but the truth is that none of this makes sense if popular trends and searches on Google are unknown.

Surely you have heard about Google Trends, but it is not the only tool that exists! There are similar ones that can be very beneficial to improve the SEO of your website and thus be able to understand what the public wants.

Knowing the trends and popular searches on Google, understanding what the public wants and searches on the Internet, is the key to improving the SEO of your Web.

But as I know, from my own experience, that from theory to practice there is usually a long way, I anticipate that using these tools is not something from another world, although it does require some knowledge and a bit of insight.There are many advantages of knowing the trends and popular searches on Google but, without a doubt, one of the most valued is that it allows you to better organize the content of a Web, an aspect of utmost importance when optimizing your business.

Knowing in detail what is most sought on the Internet, within your commercial sector, will allow you to find the right keywords to focus your content and match it with the trends that the tools throw. But as it is a task of certain complexity and that inevitably requires some time, you can delegate it and leave it in the hands of professionals. Therefore, one possibility is hiring our Web design company in Mysore services, which involve the use of all these tools to achieve a good position of your Web page in the ranking of Google results.

To give you an idea of ​​what I am talking about, then I will explain what trends and popular Google searches are and what tools to use to discover them.

What are popular searches?

Popular searches are the most requested searches worldwide or in a given region; it refers to those terms, words or phrases that are written in the search engine. Those that everyone is talking about.

Let us cite some examples: in 2017 the most popular search in the field of music was the song ‘ Despacito ‘; while in 2018 the most wanted person on Google was Meghan Markle , the now wife of Prince Harry of England. You can also mention important events or news that led the searches throughout the year, such as the World Cup Russia 2018 , Hurricane ‘Florence’ or the suicide of chef Anthony Bourdain .


What are search trends?

Trend refers to inclination, disposition, propensity or preference; For example, when talking about the latest fashion trends, it refers to that garment, shoes or color that most will begin to use because it is the newest and most innovative in terms of fashion.

From this perspective, search trends are understood as those inclinations that users show when searching on the Internet and that is related to an event, place, person or thing that everyone talks about, or begins to talk more and more, and they want to know why it is linked to some topic that is interesting today.

Search trends are understood as ‘that which is, or is beginning to be, fashionable’ at a certain moment, but which is already falling behind.

This concept should not be confused with popular searches. To understand it more clearly, we can say that the phrase ‘ World Cup Russia 2018’, because it was a World Cup year, marked a trend in 2018, but does not mean that it sets a trend again for 2019; while the term ‘Russia’ has always been popular among searches and, although it is not considered a trend, it is still popular and, surely it will be next year.

What I am trying to say is that search trends are precisely ‘ that which is fashionable’ at a certain moment, but which is already falling behind; as in fashion, the same garment or color is not trending year after year.

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Tools to know popular searches and trends

It should already be clear that popular searches and search trends, although related, are not exactly the same, right? Now, I will explain what tools are available for you to know what are the topics, keywords and trends that are ‘giving what to talk’ on Google.

Google Trends

Google Trends is the quintessential tool for analyzing trends and knowing which the most popular searches on Google are. It has search data since 2004, a plus that can boast.

Its biggest advantage is that it updates the data continuously and allows to know the evolution of a keyword, a topic or related terms. You can compare the search terms by date, location or by other terms, as well as allow you to filter searches and explore trends of the day, or of the last year. As you prefer!

Google Trends can benefit your business and help you establish an online marketing planhttps://www.gsswebtech.com based on the information provided by the tool. With it is possible to observe how popular and effective a keyword is, if it is in disuse or from where it was searched; at the same time it gives you data about how this key word or phrase could evolve.It’s not that I have a pythoness inside! But it is capable of giving concrete estimates.

Google Autocomplete

Google autocompleted is a simple tool that we are all already using, because it is activated in the Google search engine and when you start typing the phrase or term you want to search, immediately Google gives you a series of options related to your search, to simplify the process.

How do you benefit from Google Autocomplete? Easy! Do you remember being insightful?

Here you should be, because you can take advantage of the suggestions that Google shows you for a specific keyword and from them choose the most suitable for your website.

Let me tell you that these suggestions are not guessed by the search engine, but are the product of the actual searches that it receives and the trends it detects for certain topics, so it is able to ‘predict’ or relate (not to be so mystical) the words and thus decipher what the user wants before he says it completely. Take advantage of this fantastic Google tool!

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner , formerly called Google AdWords, is a perfect tool for planning keywords.

With it you can evaluate the performance of your keywords and those of your competition, determine the most searched and the most competitive , so that you define what key words or phrases to use on your website and its content, to achieve the success you are looking for as soon as at the entrance of visits to your website.It is a fantastic application to plan your next digital marketing campaign!

Google news

Google News is a kind of tracking tool where you can find the most relevant news from around the world.

It is a fantastic tool when looking for topics, about which to write in your Blog or Web, about news related to your keywords or topics of interest.

Trends in social networks

Social networks rule! There’s no doubt.What goes viral on some social platform, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, is important for every Web and represents a sale of possibilities that can boost the success of any business, so you have to know what is talked about in them.

Twitter Trends

Knowing the trends on Twitter is very easy, because this social network throws them by default, considering your location and the people you follow. In addition, Twitter added a new function called ‘ Moments ‘, where you can find a list with the main tweets or topics of the moment so you don’t miss anything.

Facebook Trends

Facebook also selects the most popular or trending topics based on your data, tastes and activities on its platform. You can access this information in News Feed, a section that is updated with your newest information and that of your friends. The information is labelled by category: politics, entertainment, sports, etc.

YouTube Trends

Accessing YouTube trends is very simple; upon entering the YouTube homepage you will find a vertical menu to the left side, at the top of which is the ‘trends’ section. When you enter it you will notice that the content is organized into 4 categories: music, video games, news and movies.


Snapchat is a very active instant messaging tool, and you will be amazed to know that every day it has more than 100 million connected users, of which an estimated 60% of them generate content on this platform every day.Seeing trends in Snapchat Discover is very simple, and it will not take you but a few minutes. Why neglect this rising platform?


Pinterest already has more than 250 million users this year, making it one of the most important and relevant social networks for any internet business. You can see the trends from its main page, although there are also external tools with which you can access them.

Google Play

Google Play has more than 5 billion downloads, so it is not a platform that should be ignored, because knowing its trends is easy to know what topics interest users, Since 2016, Google Play has incorporated a section called ‘trends’ , So it is very easy to know which apps are the most popular.


Buzzsumo has become a friendly tool to reinforce the SEO of a Web and design digital marketing campaigns ; With it you can know what type of content is the most shared and searched on social networks, who are the trend influencers of the moment and what kind of content exists on a specific Web page.

Buzzsumo could put a positive spin on the helm of your business!

Questions in Quora

Quora can be a very useful tool for researching long tail keywords.

Remember, it’s not just about researching basic keywords or key phrases, but Google now values long-tail or long-tail keywords, something favourable for your content and your SEO.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a simple tool that shows you a variety of questions that revolve around your keywords, which can answer the possible questions that your target audience might ask.

The best thing about it is that it uses Google and Bing data, so it can provide you with valuable, well-organized and easy to export or download information for later analysis.

Bing Webmaster Tools: keyword research tool

Bing Webmaster Tools is Bing’s keyword research tool, so it has exclusive search data from this search engine.It will be useful to know the most popular terms that are searched in Bing and its trends.

Bing Ads: trend consulting and broad match

Bing Ads has an option to check trends and compare them week by week; you can define the type of analysis by filtering according to the target audience, the topic or niche, among other variables.

Become Visible! Start climbing positions on Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google or other Internet search engines?

Conclusion: knowing popular trends and searches on Google will improve your marketing strategies

I think most of us would do everything to magically decipher what those around us want, or will it be just my thing?

But since we do not have the fabulous psychic powers of Professor X (that of the X-Men), we must resort to the tools that I have described in this post, in order to understand the users’ search intentions and know the trends and searches popular on Google.

There is no doubt that by using these tools you can improve the SEO of your Web and it will be very helpful to design a more efficient marketing plan , which manages to hit the target of what your audience expects from you. Take the time to discover what themes move Google, and dress your website in style with these trends.

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